Celebration Cakes

Novelty Cakes
Decorated Novelty Christmas Cake

These Cakes are made to order. Bespoke to you. If you wish can contact me on a theme and colours, or I can make a Christmas cake featuring one of my own themes. You can also choose nut free and nut free marzipan. All parts of cake will be edible, so NO nasty bits of plastic to fish out of your decorated cake.

Traditional Christmas Cake

This wonderfully rich moist fruitcake is the traditional style. It is packed full of fruit, including sultanas, raisins, cherries, mixed peels with ground almonds and flaked almonds and it is regularly feed with brandy making it a fabulous indulgent treat at Christmas. This cake comes to you un-decorated, ready for you to add your own style of Xmas decor or simply enjoy as it is. You may also choose nut free.

Minimum of 6 weeks notice required.

No added colours

Birthday Cakes.

Choose a cake from our Simple or Special designs to which we can add a name, and personal message to make the perfect birthday cake! Ordering a cake online couldn’t be easier; and, we’ll even make sure your birthday cake’s delivered right to your door. We can also arrange to visit you at your location to discuss your order.


Everyday Cakes & Sponges

Vanilla & Butterscotch Sponge

Traditional vanilla sponge sandwiched together with a sweet butterscotch buttercream. Topped with a light dusting of icing sugar.

Coffee & Walnut Sponge Cake

A homely Coffee and Walnut Cake with a luscious coffee cream filling topped with walnuts.(decorations may vary)

Dark Chocolate Orange Cake

A lovely union of flavours. Moist chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with chocolate orange buttercream and decorated with chocolate curls.
(decorations may vary)

Traditional Farmhouse Fruitcake

A scrummy cake. Full of mixed fruit with a hint of gentle warming spice. Pop the kettle on and enjoy.

Retro Time Upside Down Pineapple Cake

This cake has retro charm, but it’s a classic whose appeal hasn’t waned since it first appeared on the home baking scene. It starts with a rich butter cake that, once removed from the pan, reveals a design of caramelized pineapple studded with cherries. Each bite carries a succulent bite of flavor, a tender cake, mingled with the sweet and slightly tangy notes of pineapple and cherry. (Decoration may vary)

Chocolate Ganache Sponge (Decorated)

Calling all choccy lovers.

This rich moist chocolate layer cake has a chocolate creamy filling and is covered in chocolate ganache. Decorated with chocolate , designs may vary.

Idea for a celebration cake or a simple treat with a coffee.

Carrot Cake (with options )
Victoria Sandwich Sponge15.0020.00
Lemon Drizzle Sponge

Made with homegrown lemons when available or locally sourced lemons.  This moist light lemony sweet sponge has the zest running through to give a pop of tangy fruit taste, topped with a lemon icing.


 Jams, Pickles and Sauces

Spicy Kumquat Chutney5.00
Pickled Eggs
Pickled Onions5.00
Piccalilli Style Pickle

A farmhouse chunky style Piccalilli made from fresh vegetables and spices. Cauliflower, green beans, shallots, red chilli, red pepper and cucumber, along with mustard, spices and vinegar make up this lovely food cupboard staple.

Try it with cheeses, cold meats, salads, sandwiches, BBQ, basically a great little punchy all rounder.

All vegetables from our own garden if in season or sourced locally.

No added colours or preservatives.

Brown Sauce

A firm customer favourite.
This tangy tasty brown sauce is packed full of fresh fruit and a balance of spices.
This lovely sauce provides a great taste to accompany cheeses, bacon sandwiches, full English breakfast, chips and countless more dishes.


 Main Meals

Beef Chilli

A spicy beef chilli mix made with mince beef, fresh chilli, fresh peppers, fresh onions , tomatoes and red kidney beans, blended with spices to give an authentic tasting dish.
All Vegetables from our own garden if in season or sourced locally.
Does not include rice.

Soya Vegetarian Chilli

A spicy chilli mix made with soya, garlic, fresh chilli, fresh peppers, fresh onions , tomatoes and red kidney beans, blended with spices to give an authentic tasting dish.
All Vegetables from our own garden if in season or sourced locally.
Does not include rice.

Chicken Cobbler

A creamy mixture of chicken and vegetables topped with a savoury scone style topping.

Please chose serving size.

Beef Cobbler

A rich beef flavoured dish with vegetables topped with a savoury scone style topping.


This Moussaka is our beef version.Moussaka is to the Greeks what Lasagna is to Italians. Potato, eggplant and mince beef in a rich tomato sauce, balanced with spices, topped with béchamel sauce.

Vegetarian Moussaka

Our Moussaka is made with the freshest vegetables, either grown in our own garden or sourced locally. Aubergine, potato, courgette, peppers and onions team up with tomatoes and herbs topped with a cheesy sauce to provide this tasty meat free version of a great Greek classic.

Minced beef Lasagne

This beef lasagne comprises of a layers of rich beef and tomato sauce , bechimel sauce and pasta. A hearty dish which goes well with a side salad, rustic crusty bread or chips.

Vegetable lasagne

Our Vegetable lasagna is made Vegetables from our own garden when available otherwise all sourced locally.
A mix of minced soya, fresh onions, fresh peppers, fresh mushrooms and fresh courgetts  incased in a rich tomato and herb sauce make for the base of this dish.
Our Vegetable lasagna is made from layers of our chunky soya and vegetable base, pasta and a cheesy bechimel sauce.